Sean De Bie (29) has decided to end his professional cycling career at the end of this season. He published a statement about his early retirement on his social media:

Dear fans, colleagues, friends, … 

I’m announcing the end of my professional cycling career as I will not be racing any longer in 2022. I started cycling from the age of 12, so the sports not only shaped me as a rider, but also as a person, the person I am today.

The decision to quit cycling wasn’t made overnight, but formed during the years. There are many reasons, but it comes down to - in my opinion - ‘too little return on investment’, physically, mentally and emotionally. The fear of riding in today’s traffic only strengthens my decision.

I’m aware that many people will be surprised that I’ll quit cycling at the early age of 29, but this is a well-considered decision, made after many talks with my family. Despite my decision I want to stress that I’m still ambitious for the current season as I will keep giving my all until the very last race.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude towards my parents, who invested the most in my journey to become a professional cyclist; my fans, who were always there to support me; and to all people who I've met during my career and brought out the best in me.