After two successful seasons with the Belgian team, Steels is being rewarded with a well-deserved contract renewal that prolongs his stay at Deceuninck – Quick-Step until at least the end of 2022. Steels has been a valuable domestique and a talented lead-out man for the team’s top sprinters.

Stijn Steels:

“It’s incredible to be part of this group, of this fantastic squad that just keeps on winning. The professionalism is so high, that it makes such a big difference to be a rider here or in another team. Everyone in the team, every staff member, tries to do his job in the best way possible and that gives you extra motivation to keep on performing. That’s the biggest strength here.”

“Together with Tim I went studying, and Yves I got to know a bit later as well. Becoming professional was our dream, and now being together in the same team, is just beautiful. I have been a professional rider for ten years now, I know what my job is, and working for the leaders of the team gives me a lot of satisfaction. I’m not a top sprinter myself, but I can do a lead-out, close gaps and make short accelerations. To keep on doing this with the Wolfpack is fantastic."