Toon Aerts won the first Classification race of the season, winning the Telenet Superprestige in Gieten for the second time in a row. Aerts finished solo, more than 20 seconds ahead of Hermans and Iserbyt.

Aerts followed the first big attack of Quinten Hermans and took over the lead halfway the race. With two more laps to go, Aerts made the winning move as Hermans couldn’t respond to Aerts’ attack. In the following lap, Aerts enlarged his gap and finally crossed the line with more than 20 seconds ahead.

Toon Aerts: “It’s very cool to win the first classification race. The legs weren’t good in Lokeren. I know I said I wasn’t panicking, but – on the inside – I have to admit I was. Yet, we had a plan and schedule to make sure I would be good today. The season has only just started, so at the previous Ethias races I was still getting into shape. But today the legs felt good again. Morevover, I like racing in the mud and I’m good at it, so today was perfect.”